Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two people on instagram whose pocket I would like to live in.

So I was looking at my phone while waiting for happen...or something...When I started searching my Instagram for crap to fill my head with things I will never do and people I will never meet... until I do. And I will. We will meet. Oh yes, we will. *crazy eyes you through your screen* I decided this would be a good time to move... into the pocket of awesome... here are two I'd gladly dive into and get all snuggily.

Eli Roth

He always seems to be on a beach... rather, his feet and the occasional hot chick do. He eats great crap, he goes to great Parties, he eats great food stuffs.... and he is a complete dork. Aside from all that He's a talker. I like talkers. I can't seem to shut the fuck up when I'm with someone I find completely uninteresting- I am generally quiet and contented with someone who I think is Intensely interesting.

Fangirl scale 1-5:
I think I'd be about a 4... maybe a five if I've had a lot of coffee. I want to talk about movies--- forever...pausing only to pour more coffee to ready my brain for more talking about movies. Horror movies. Yes. Old Movies. Fuck Yes. Directors, scene's, actors, stories, lighting, all of it! ALL THE THINGS!

Curb Appeal:
Eli Roth is a big fuzzy fox of a man...who scares me in the good way.

Chris Hardwick

Can I get a FUCK YES! I can. And I just did! Because to be in Hardwicks pocket is to witness countless acts of SUPER NERD GLORY and NERD FANDOM to rival ALL NERDITY Of like, ever and stuff. This blog post actually came from a picture he posted of himself with Leonard Nimoy. Yeah. I said it. And I saw it. And I WANNA LIVE IN HIS FUCKING POCKET. Chris Hardwick is also a talker- someone who I can listen to talk for hours... but he would lose me at math, and then our love would die... and so I must keep to the pocket... like a lowly sugarglider nauching quietly on a grape ... peeking out only to watch the never ending stream of awesome. Fine by me!

Fangirl scale 1-5:
This is a solid 4. I just know that conversations would go down of only the highest nerd quality. I want to hear them. I want to meet all the people. See all the things. Rub my nerd junk all up in the nerd gravy. What. The. Fuck. Just came out of my fingers? Well, I guess nerd gravy?

Curb Appeal:
He's pretty without being a freak show. He's like one of those great older buildings that rich people restore to exactly how they were when they were built in 1902...but with fancy updated plumbing.

I'm going to do more of these. Fact is, most of the people I enjoy on instagram are related in some way so if I did a list of five (like I was going to) I would end up with like four people from the nerdist website and Eli Roth.
Leave feedback. And if you can think of someone I should be following on instagram ... do the right thing and tell me so I can join you in stalking them.

Cheers!- MT

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