Friday, September 9, 2011

Wilfred: Hawt ass spy? I hope so... That would be a rockin funeral.

I'm sitting alone eating candy, drinking coffee, and watching Wilfred... This means it's time for...
I'd like to take a bite out of that ass !

What can I say about Elijah Wood... Not a lot actually. hmm. Who is he? What is he into? What is his personality? No idea. I can tell you one thing- He's smart. The fact that I don't know shit about his personal life speaks volumes for his intelligence... Or he's a spy.
For the purposes of this blog entry I'm going with spy. Supah secret hawt spy with a dark past. Yes, I am aware that he has been a working actor for most of his life, and no, I don't know when and where one would find the time to train to be a supah hawt secret spy but you have to remember that the supah hawt part was a given- so really all he had to learn was the spy part, easy! So how did he become a pawn in the spy game? I don't really know... But I have a theory! Paul Hogan. I've already said too much. Lets just say it happened, shit went down... and now I am in fear for my life. I should have never mentioned it! CURSE HIS HOT ASS! Elijah will have to come and get me. With any luck he'll stab me to death with... oh... I dunno... some wood or something. :D ... I mean :(

I ask only that you remember to include my love of wood in my eulogy.
And play "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones.

*dance break*

Thoughts about the show: Wilfred.

Well Sir, I can't say that I don't like it. I also can't say that I didn't want to like it. I will say that I was SO happy to hear it was going to be on FX because they do some really great stuff. What I also can say is that I've seldom been so attracted to a man and his neighbors dog. So that happened. Also, I am a fan of the way that it's written and shot. I think the premise of the show takes hold of the writers by the nuts at points- but because I like the idea of the thing it still completely works for me. It is a revamp of an Australian show -which makes me want to watch that too- Thankfully it's not a revamp of a British show so nobody seems be spewing too much bullshit all over it. I have high hopes for the dvds. Which I think may be a mistake because it seems like a show that's extras wont translate well to dvd. Eh, we shall see.
So, Love the show. Love the ass. Love this cup of coffee. Love you.


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